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Image Block is an extension for Mozilla Firefox

This addon first showed up in 2007 for Firefox version 1.5. Since then its has tried to support all Firefox versions (absolute legacy support), even if it meant compromising on some features (e.g. toolbar button, which is finally movable now). The last thing I wanted was for a user to change there installation just for Image Block to work.

Another key issue that everyone kept pointing (other than the immovable button) was images not being blocked on certain sites (e.g. Google Image search). This was done on purpose, as these images are embedded in data, “blocking” them was not possible. They could only be “hidden”, which would not help in faster browsing or less data use. However, I have finally added this (I’m still not fully convinced if this is the way to go).

Then there were (are) the endless demands of black-lists, white-lists, conditional blocking, flash, tab specific, auto reload, blocking content other than images… so on and so forth. Well, I don’t plan to do any of that. The whole idea is to keep it simple, so that everyone can use it… even my mom! Its easy to make tons of buttons and give every feature possible to the user, but making everything work with a single button sets the user free. Most human beings like simple tools!

Last version was released for Firefox 3.5, it worked till now without any changes to code.

Below is the original description (last edited in 2010!)

Image Block adds a toggle button that conditionally blocks/allows loading of images on webpages. The toggle button is added to the navigation toolbar (extreme right) by default. Blocking images results in faster browsing, especially helpful on handheld devices or slower connections like GPRS/EDGE/3G dial-up etc.

Recently in a review one user pointed out that Image Block is quite useful when you visit websites which show dirty and adult advertisements, while also containing useful information. If you are not sure of what you are about to see on a webpage, just block images to avoid possible embarrassment.

It can also be used at work where your boss doesn’t allow you to surf the web or social networking websites!! They look very different (hard to see which site you are viewing) with image blocking on.

- Version 2.1 fixes a couple of bugs, adds tooltip and french language ( thanks to Vincent Caron for this update).
- Version 2.0 fixes compatibility issues with Firefox 3.5, it also adds the button to the navigation toolbar by default.

Very simple image blocking extension, hopefully useful!

64 thoughts on “Image Block

  1. Could you please add the option to have a white list where all images are allowed? I like the concept and want images off permanently, but there are certain websites where browsing is impossible without them.


  2. hey do you have a chrome version coming? if not do you know of a similar extension that would work in chrome-land?

    • I don’t use chrome and my knowledge about the same is very limited. If in future I port ImageBlock to chrome I’ll update you. You can try Firefox for now.

  3. I like having the options of having to chose for myself which images I want to block or not to block. Why you’ve only have option just to block to the whole page. There are certain times where you need some images like download sites with timers and so on. white list?

    • I would also like to see a feature to selectively load or block specific images on a page. For instance, while having “block” enabled, allowing a context menu option to “show image” when right clicking an image.

  4. Hemant

    I have Firefox 14.0.5 and have installed Image Block v 2.1. It is visible on the bottom right hand corner but is greyed out.

    If it does work, can you use it to block certain images on certain sub pages within a website?

    • Hi Siva

      I haven’t yet tested ImageBlock with Firefox 14 so wont be able to comment on the button being greyed. There is no provision of conditional blocking of images, I’m afraid you cannot block certain images on a page while allowing others.

  5. Thanks for image block. Very useful for people interested in information without fancy images. Can it be somehow installed in Firefox for Android? I don’t seem to be able to find it in the extensions area

  6. Well, I see a few posts regarding white lists and block certain images only. I think that if you want those things then it wouldn’t be something the author created. But if he wants to be your servant it’s up to him, because it’s how I picture this whole situation but that’s just me.
    To me this is just what it should be and claims to be – a button which does the same as the option we get to choose in firefox’s settings which is, in case you don’t know what it is, “load images automatically”. And if you wanted more options then you have other options in “ad blocking extensions” to install. Otherwise where would this one differ from the rest?

    Thanks for your work Hemant.

  7. I play farmville and would love to have it load faster by blocking animals and structures as well as trees, only temporarily. Did this with adblock but can’t seem to get it to work anymore. Can this work with your image block?

  8. Hi Hemant,

    Does image block save internet bandwidth usage. I have a data capped plan from my ISP ( 5GB at 2mbps and thereafter 256 kpbs / pm). I doubt if ur addon or other similar addon actually saves bandwidht. Here is my point of view, pls correct if that is wrong. When a request is sent to the server, the server sends out whatever page it’s requested to serve with all its text and images etc. So essentially my ISP has made his pipe available for the data to reach me thus he would count those bytes under my data plan. When the data arrives it’s all first stored to my browser cache (folder) area which means all the data has actually been received by me/computer using my ISP’s pipe. The browser then fetches those data from the cache and displays it. By hitting the stop button or blocking images via ur addon I am just choosing not to display the data which would remain in the cache or eventually be discarded if still on the network pipe after a timeout limit.

    Your comments plz…….

    • Hi,

      Firefox sends individual request for each image element on the page, ImageBlock prevents these requests from being sent… thus there is no data transfer for image related content.

  9. Hi,

    I am using ff 3.6.15 and the addon works in it but it has the option button disabled in the addons manager window. Why is that ? Though the addon looks quite impressive.

    thanks & regards,

    • Hi again,

      I would request you to upgrade to the current version as you are running a very very old version, current version is 16!

  10. Hi, this is great, but can we get this working on a per-tab basis? Sometimes I want to go to a website and not have the pictures visible on my screen.

  11. May I request keyboard shortcut to toggle Image Block?

    Also, I’m sort of a grammar Nazi, so if you will allow me, I want to make some tiny (mostly punctuations) on the description at Firefox Addon website.

    • Sorry I was away for sometime with no access to my site.

      I’ll add the shortcut soon. Please feel free to make changes to the text, I’ll be glad to update.


  12. I would like it if this plugin could tell Firefox to load lower quality images, that could then each be individually refreshed (in HQ) with a right click option. Similar in function to NetZero’s “speedometer”. My low-bandwidth connection and I would thank you very much. :)

  13. Unfortunately, the toggle button is fixed to the navigation toolbar, which I don’t use. It is impossible to move it to the menu bar or add-on bar, or anywhere else. Could you please fixt his? Thanks!

  14. Hi…I see it disables the ” Load Images automatically button”…i want to disable “Enable javascript” button for some sites…..can you create an addon for that….

  15. Thank you for your plugin!
    In google search result page, the jpg of face of some author is not block… can you do something for that? I would want to surf without facebook ego-attitude. (rolleyes)

  16. Do you know how to use Image Block from Vimperator?

    Could you please provide (in addition to the toggle button in the navigation bar) a menu entry to toggle image blocking, so it can be used even if you don’t have toolbars enabled?


  17. Hi Hemant,

    Great plugin, but not able to move it to add-on bar?

    I try and keep my navigation bar as empty as possible and any additional items get added to add-on bar.

    If you could fix this, it would be great.


  18. Obviously my last posting dissappeared. Anyways, since this is LGPL licenced software I’d like to see the source code. Could anyone tell me, where I can find it, please? Thank you!

    • I don’t discriminate against anyone or constructive criticism, however I do moderate all posts. It seems you know little about extension development for Firefox, the source is always available in the extension itself!

  19. In the latest Firefox nightlies the option to enable images has been removed so your extension makes a good replacement for that. However they also removed access to the image whitelist/blacklist (permissions.xul), would it be possible to add the ability to open that window (e.g. by middle clicking the button)? Thanks.

  20. This is a GREAT addon, thanks. I have a slow 3G connection and it is very useful. Although I use Firefox occasionally, it would be nice if it also worked on Seamonkey (my favorite browser). A similar feature was standard on the original Mozilla Netscape. Don’t know why they dropped it.

  21. Hello

    I noticed when I entered the site of – news I still see some of the pictures.

    I checked on info of the picture and I see that they record the image in addition to the sign “,” (comma) Is there a way to resolve this matter your software image block also block these images

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  22. I agree with others, could you add an exceptions to the rule, so we can exempt certain images like capthca so we can see the captcha codes to enter on a site etc.
    I don’t know why firefox removed this feature, but their feature worked perfectly with the exceptions list… I hope you add an exceptions list as well… thank you.

  23. I have one feature I would really like to suggest: A timer. What I mean by this is, when I untoggle the button, give me the option of automatically blocking images again in 10, 15, 30, etc. minutes.

    I only recommend this because often times when I need to unblock images for one page, I forget to reblock the images after I leave.

  24. Thanks for the addon. It would be great if there were a feature to enable and disable images from a Tools menu or context menu command. I prefer not to have a lot of buttons in the navigation bar. Thanks.

  25. As I’m often dealing with low end connections / machines, I highly appreciate your add on. Interestingly, it also changes how I perceive the pages’ text (which I notice regularly after turning on images again).

    Btw: I’d really like to back up the pleas for a keyboard shortcut.

    Thanks a lot for this add on!

  26. hey,

    I don’t know if you’re still maintaining this project but I have one small (or big) feature request —-

    To toggle a blocked image.

    Example, I certainly want all images to be blocked initially but if I want to view one image, I just click on the image (or the placeholder for that image) and the image loads! not the website. just that image.

    I hope you can implement this. this is one feature I miss from opera 12 (or 11, I don’t remember which had this built in)

    Have a great day!!


  27. I am trying to use this xpi file “” to run a headless firefox. The usual way to do this is to “install” xpi in firefox profile during firefox start. However, when I look at “” I do not see any js files, so not sure if this approach will work.
    I still have to try this but thought will ask before I start experimenting. Also, how do I programmatically enable/disable image blocking if I am able to install this xpi file – is there a user preference js file that I can refer to?

  28. The Image Block 2.1 toggle is disabled in Firefox 28.0 as being incompatible. The images are still blocks, only the on/off toggle is missing, for me , at least.

  29. Suggestion: Please allow an option to filter out only images greater than specified size and allow users to specify that size. Also png, gif, jpg options would be nice so I can choose which ones to filter out. Pretty please :)

  30. I have blocked pictures from some sites in error. How can I amend this? Is there a list of blocked picture URLs that I can edit?

    Super useful app, thank you.

  31. the addon works perfectly except with videos preview, for example when I google “uninstall android” and there is a youtube url in the results the video preview shows even when image block is active.

    chrome has extension for this : , this extension blocks videos previews as well.

    I’m using firefox 44 on arch linux.